A teacher from the Careers Department interrupted our meeting, as they do, and told us he was advised that he need a jpeg file and could we arrange one for him.  I said “I could find maybe 1 or 2 billion, is there one in particular he wanted”.  At that he said “I’ll get back to you”.

"My dad adds ‘You can reach me on my cell phone at ###-####’ at the end of almost every text message he sends."
"My mom refuses to speak normally when using Skype or any other video chat client. I can hear her shouting every single time she’s using it and I begged her to stop. However, I’ve noticed that she doesn’t shout when it’s a local call. I guess she thinks that when the distance between her and the person increases, the connection will be ‘weaker’ and thus the need for the shouting. Help me."
"My grandma called asking for help looking for used cars online. Conversation went exactly like this: Grandma: I need to get to craigslist Me: you have to type craigslist into the address bar G: But i’m stuck in autotrader, will that get me out? Me: Yeah just type in craigslist.org G: and that will get me out of autotrader? Me: what if you just google it? G: but how do I get to google if i’m stuck in autotrader? she still doesn’t know how i got her ‘unstuck’ from autotrader.com"
"When it comes to computers or technology, my dad is THE worst in our family. While he was on the 8 year old desktop, my AIM notification (makes a door closing/opening noise) would sound on and off since it was minimized to the task bar. So my dad tells me there was a ‘hacker entering the computer’ and leaving. He would make me listen for the sound of the hacker ‘entering the computer’ again after someone on my buddy list would sign off. That was 4 years ago….and, yet, he acutely slams the keyboard (with one finger, albeit) like it is an invincible typewriter."
"I recently visited my parents at home, and while I was there there old PC got a virus. After I fixed it, my parents moved the computer into a corner. When I asked them why they responded by telling me they were punishing it."
"My father-in-law recently asked me where he could buy “one of those twitters” and how much it costs …yeah you don’t really need it bro."
"Just recently, my dad found out that he can check his Yahoo mail account from any computer, not just the one at work. He actually drove ten miles every time he needed to check his email outside of work hours, which was relatively often."